Pelle’s New Home

We’ll back up a bit with this post.  As I wrote (when talking about Nell moving back to Amish Country) Pelle also found a wonderful home.  He’s now with Gordon and Jellie Davis.  They are a horse loving couple who live just around 1 mile from the Ohio farm.

Ben (left) and Pelle (right)

Pelle caught Jellie’s eye awhile back.  I remember one late afternoon when she and her husband Gordon stopped by.  The horses were grazing nearby and Jellie kept looking over at Pelle.  “He’s such a beautiful horse” she said.  I’m not sure she even heard what the rest of us were saying.

I kept this encounter in mind as we neared the time that Pelle was ready for a new home.  It had taken around a year to get there.  Pelle had needed to build confidence in himself (around people and other horses) as well as put on weight.

We don’t know much about Pelle’s background.  In early June of 2011, we had taken on Pelle (at the same time we took on Ben) from a horse farm/rescue.  The owner had a hard time finding them homes because they were difficult to handle.  She had decided to send Pelle and Ben to a horse sale instead.

Horse sales are risky for horses — “kill buyers” will show up and attempt to buy unwanted horses.  These buyers will then transport the horses up to Canada where horse slaughter is still legal.  Gene and I decided Pelle and Ben should not have to take that risk.  But the day before Pelle was to be delivered to the Ohio farm, he got stuck in a fence and dropped a lot of weight (and confidence) struggling to get free — so we had more work to do with him than we initially thought.

It’s hard to imagine something like that happening with the current Pelle.  By the time we were ready to move to Vermont, Pelle was a confident and fun loving horse.  He was ready for a permanent home – so we contacted Jellie and Gordon.

Within around 4 days, we had sorted out details of moving Pelle to Gordon and Jellie’s farm.  They had built a beautiful barn for their current horse Jim (another rescue – an Appaloosa) with room for more.  Pelle fit right in from the start.  Here are some videos of Jim and Pelle being free to interact for the first time. As you can see, Jim wanted to run the show — but Pelle was fine with this and let him.

And how is Pelle now?  According to Jellie and Gordon, he’s having a great time with their kids, grandkids, and Jim — it couldn’t be a better match for everyone!